May 8th. A bobcat appeared silently from the undergrowth. The fur was thick and bushy, blurring her stripes. She seemed small, trotting at an easy pace beneath a tall hemlock tree, then vanishing in the shade of thick sword ferns.
The swifts have been very active in the chimney, especially as they settle in the evening, singing and wing flapping. In the day, they gather thin sticks from the tips of trees, which they will bind with saliva into a shallow hammock-shaped nest against the clay wall of the chimney. They are not bulky nests, and pieces fall off into the hearth. It is the same kind of saliva from which the famous bird’s nest soup is made. I tasted one of the fallen sticks - and it was salty. In the past they used hollow old-growth trees. Lots of trio formations in flight today.
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