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WAKING THE WOLF (Bill's story) "Before we left Scotland for the Pacific Northwest, I had a strange dream where I was walking on the edge of a river. In the distance, a wolf was sitting motionless, with its back to me; but stepping closer he revealed himself as a medicine man wearing a wolf robe. As our eyes met, he shimmered and became a wolf. Then, in a dance of shapeshifting, he showed me how to become a wolf.
Weeks later, a waking vision appeared in the sky, revealing the name of a Lakota holy man, Martin High Bear.
It was culture-shock for a fairly down-to-earth former journalist - to say the least.
When we arrived in the USA, I went to meet High Bear in Oregon. He said the dream and vision were powerful, and the wolf would be my teacher. He suggested Tanya should paint a picture of wolves.