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WAKING THE WOLF ...Within days of that meeting, we met wilderness expert and tracker Jon Young. On our first field trip together, he unknowingly took me to the river I had dreamt of while still in Scotland - and a female wolf ran toward me to stand face to face.
Since then, other native shamans have recounted dreams in which I appeared to them as a wolf..
Over the next few years, the wolves, bears, cougars and coyotes of the Northwest taught me how humans perceive the world. That knowledge became central to my work at a Redmond software company - the most unlikely place you could imagine to follow a Vision Quest.
"To paint the native shaman's face I searched through many photographs of native people taken in the 1800's. Only one face had an expression that felt right and I used his image. Weeks afterwards, I learned his name was' Wolf Robe'."...Tanya.